Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 13, 1996

Faculty Get Rave
Reviews For Teaching

We feel that Johns Hopkins is not just renowned for research but for great teaching," said Alumni Relations director Jerry Schnydman upon announcing four years ago the establishment of the Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Awards. "Good teaching should be rewarded." It is a conviction that has only increased with time.

In division ceremonies beginning last week, and continuing through commencement on May 22, the Alumni Association--and the Student Council--began recognizing the classroom achievements of some of the university's top undergraduate teachers.

The Alumni Association offers a $2,000 cash award to each division, which it, in turn, presents to one or more faculty members or teaching assistants. Some divisions use the funds to augment existing awards while others have established new ones.

Winners of the alumni awards are selected intradivisionally; however, a specific criterion of the award is that students must be involved in the selection process.

The Student Council annually presents the Distinguished Faculty Awards to the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering.

A faculty member in each division is recognized in one of three categories: excellence in teaching (based on classroom clarity, outside accessibility and helpfulness), excellence in faculty advising (based on accessibility, helpfulness and knowledge of academic programs) and commitment to student research (based on faculty willingness to provide opportunities for research, especially incorporating students into their own projects). Students nominated 73 faculty for the six awards with the final selections made by a Student Council committee.

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