Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 13, 1996

Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during April are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.


Scribner, Thomas E., 25 years, Security Services

30 years of service
Hall, Mary J., Hispanic and Italian Studies

20 years of service
Dulik, David A., Cost Analysis

15 years of service
Smith, Thomas J., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Williams, Rosemary, Part-Time Programs in Engineering

10 years of service
Anthony, Jacqueline L., Facilities Management
Kalish, Mark I., Development Fund
Klautky, Daphne, Anthropology

5 years of service
Bekele, Misrak, Dormitory Office Operations
Cameron, Christine L., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Flint, Barbara Ann, Academic Advising
Lambert, Debra, Payroll
Mahlstedt, Gloria J., Accounts Payable
Mickenberg, Karen E., CTY
Patterson, Robert J., MSE Library
Young, Carol, Mathematics


20 years of service
Ewing, Barbara A., International Health
Gregory, Thedore R., Maintenance

15 years of service
Bourgeois, John G., Financial Management
Jones, Kelly Weeks, Federal Credit Union

10 years of service
Chan, Edward, International Health
Hatcher, Wanda L., Computing Center
Miecznikoski, Joseph M., Epidemiology
Tyson, Price J., Facilities Management

5 years of service
Bievenour, Timothy, Epidemiology
Edmonds, Vera D., International Health
Hodges, Deborah S., Maternal and Child Health
Ledbetter, Stacy, Population Communication Services
Wescott, Brenda J., Registrar's Office


20 years of service
Eddy, M. Anne, Radiology
Lawrence, Deborah L., Orthopedic Surgery

15 years of service
DonDero, Mark Jerome, Maintenance
Wilcox, Patricia Ann, Laboratory Animal Medicine

10 years of service
Richards, Stephen Malone, Clinical Immunology
Roane, Sadie, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Rosenthal, Donna, Pediatrics
Stebbing, Olive A., Medicine

5 years of service
Brown, Alison E., Pediatrics
Collins, Andrea, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Feeley, Nancy, Medicine
Gitomer, Shelley B., Oncology Center
Granlund, Carl L., Safety/Radiation Control
Hayden, Susan E., Pediatrics
Johnson, Iona K., Psychiatry
Kollosch, Rosemary, Surgery
Kotzuk, Joyce Anne, Pathology
Reese, Lenora V., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Riley, Jamie, Medicine
Seidl, Jacqueline Ann, Biological Chemistry
Stagg, Carole A., Surgery

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