Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 21, 1997

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Leslie Rice
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He's got it narrowed down to Hopkins, Brown, Columbia and University of Chicago. It's a big decision, and he only has until May to decide. So last week, Vipinjeet Sandhu and his mother, Sukhminder, drove from New York to the Homewood campus to attend an open house offered to all the high school seniors accepted to Hopkins.

"Academically, Hopkins has everything I need, I'm trying to get a sense of what the campus is like socially and extracurricularly," said Sandhu about halfway through a long day of taking in campus tours, student panel discussions, a faculty reception, classes and information sessions led by undergraduate admissions director Paul White.

Sandhu was one of about 1,000 high school seniors from all over the country who for the last two weeks have attended Hopkins open house days held by the Admissions Office.

Some 8,450 high school seniors applied to Hopkins this year--53 shy of last year's all-time record. White and his staff accepted 3,115 of them, aiming for a class of around 930 students to make up the Class of 2001. Already, 237 have enrolled through early admission. And only three weeks after regular acceptances were mailed out, deposits from the main pool of accepted students have begun to roll in fast, said Robert Massa, dean of enrollment services.

These are all A-students with an average SAT score of 1410-- students for whom there is a lot of competition, White said.

"Most of these students are leaders, with a lot of interests and very strong academics," he explained. "Many are also being pursued by other top-notch colleges. But we've found that if we can get them here to see the Hopkins campus for themselves, that most of the time, that's all it takes for these students to decide to enroll here."

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