Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 21, 1997

For The Record:

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during March are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers

Massey, Sheila L., Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth

Continuing Studies

25 years of service
Kahler, Beverly L., Student Services

Homewood Student Affairs

20 years of service
Smith, Adolf, Housing

10 years of service
Sauer, Kwang Sook, Student Services

Hygiene and Public Health

Retiree Colbert, Delores, 31 years, Biochemistry

15 years of service
Mesta, Michael Joseph, Federal Credit Union

10 years of service
Charleston, Jeanne B., Epidemiology
Johnson, Lisette Marie, Maternal and Child Health
Kellner, Nancy L., Epidemiology
Kirksey, Nancy B., Office of the Registrar
Littenberg, Trudy Lou, Epidemiology
Schweiger, Barbara Ann, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Zanella, Maria Gonzalez, Population Dynamics

5 years of service
Altaha, Jacqueline, International Health
Downing, Sharon E., Sponsored Projects
Holland, Jocelyn Kendra, Population Communication
Stanley, Christopher, Sr., International Health
Zheng, Yong, Epidemiology


15 years of service
Alston, Vanessa, Biological Chemistry
Daniel, Arlene Nettie, Cell Biology and Anatomy

10 years of service
Anderson, Delores, Medicine
Belch, Donna Velean, Ophthalmology
Brown-Bellamy, Jude A., Biomedical Engineering
Cornelius, Laura, Surgery
Lamb, John Clay, Oncology
Rawlings, Suzanne E., Surgery
Shuford, Tracy D., Pediatrics
VanRensselaer, James, Pathology

5 years of service
Allen, Migiuel A., Denton Cooley Athletic Center
Brooks, Terri, Surgery
Carnes, Theresa, Medicine
Columbo, Jeanine Urso, Clinical Immunology
Green, Linda D., Neurosurgery
Harper, Darryl Maurice, Oncology
Hollomon, Elizabeth, Pediatrics
Hunter, Vondalee Charisse,Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery
Kristofco, Maureen, Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery
Langsdale, Linda, Oncology Center Services
McArthur, Peggy L., Radiology
Newman, Arthur Daniel, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Reed, Catherine, Ophthalmology
Rogers, Laura, Dermatology
Shimp, Janus, Radiology


15 years of service
McLean, Ursula E., Music Library

10 years of service
Allen, Katherine B., Dean's Office

University Administration

Price, James C., 25 years, Housing Office

30 years of service
DeKuyper, Frederick T., Office of V.P. and General Counsel

25 years of service
Spann, Paulette M., Central Purchasing

20 years of service
Ingalls Jones, Marguerite, Alumni Relations
Milan, Gil Domingo, Plant Operations and Maintenance

15 years of service
Krout, Ernest, Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
Clancy, Mary Ellen, General Accounting
Krebner, Charles F., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Sunshine, Eugene S., Office of Senior V.P. for Administration

5 years of service
Adams, Wanda E., Accounting Services
Casey, Shawn J., The Johns Hopkins Club
Kelly, Jeanne McCarthy, Budget Office

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