Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 2, 1997

For The Record:
Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during April are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers

10 years of service
Flannery-Denner, Agnes, MSE Library
Gamero, P. Elizabeth, National Foreign Language Center
Perry, Jacquelyn, Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Kanely, James Todd, MSE Library
Schaub, Donna, Institute for Policy Studies

Arts and Sciences

Screen, Harold W., Jr., 24 years, Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Dillard-Ewing, Cheryl, Physics and Astronomy

Continuing Studies

5 years of service
Comisac, Sheri Bevan, Center for Technology and Education


10 years of service
Linton, Sabrina L., Geography and Environmental Engineering

Homewood Student Affairs

5 years of service
Barron, Jennifer L., Research Administration

Hygiene and Public Health

30 years of service
Toomer, Lucy A., Population Dynamics

20 years of service
Addison, Betty H., Student Services

10 years of service
Bankerd, Kenneth Paul, Population Information
Davis, M. Christine, JHPIEGO Corporation
Haddaway, Carol A., Population Communication
Sterling, Brenda Jean, Maternal and Child Health
Torres, Dory A., Plant Operations and Planning

5 years of service
Supan, Maria R., Human Resources

Johns Hopkins Press

15 years of service
Smith, Michael H., Shipping and Receiving

5 years of service
Brown, Sharon C., Information Systems


Christian, Bernetta, 23 years, Custodial Services
Pumphrey, Dorothy E., 12 years, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

30 years of service
Santana, Helen M., Dermatology

25 years of service
Taylor, Phyllis P., Biomedical Engineering
Wyatt, Mary Ellen, Development Services

15 years of service
Day, Theresa J., Oncology
Jackson, Gail Rose, Oncology
Jackson, Juan F., Oncology

10 years of service
Avinante, Kathryn Lorraine, Radiology
Backmon, Onterian Y., Emergency Medicine
Baker, Judy, Medicine
Belle, Shirley Lee, Urology
Brannan, Earlynn M., OB-GYN
Davis, Pamela Irene, Medical Practice Plan
Distance, Joy M., Oncology
Ertel, Blair A., Neurology
Fisher, Joy D., Oncology
Fox-Talbot, Mary Karen, Surgery
Hatzidimitriou, George, Neurology
Stone, Shirley E., Ophthalmology
Whitehurst, Kathy L., Pediatrics

5 years of service
Basener, Anne S., Psychiatry
Bayle, Carolyn Ann, Development Services
Bouldin, Patricia L., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Brown, Sharonne E., Physicians Billing
Cosner, Bonnie S., Student Services
Engleman, Sharon A., Medicine
Gambichler, Bonnie, Neurology
Miller, Mary D., Medicine
Norton, Linda Carol, Custodial Services
Policastri, Marjorie, Orthopedic Surgery
Solomon, Sherrie L., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Williams, Gloria, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

University Administration

30 years of service
Rheb, Sarah C., Accounts Payable

20 years of service
Holahan, Eileen M., Homewood Human Resources
Jones, Peggy A., Homewood Human Resources

10 years of service
Beauchesne, Kathleen, WORKlife Programs

5 years of service
Cusic, Cynthia L., Administrative Computing
Kunkel, Edmund P., Power Plant
Miller, Barbara S., Development and Alumni Relations
Nash, Mark S., The Johns Hopkins Club

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