Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 12, 1997

Terry Trouyet Is
New Program Director

Baltimore native Terry Trouyet, a 25-year radio broadcast veteran, has been named program director of WJHU-FM/88.1. He replaces Chris Weink, who left the station last year. Trouyet (pronounced Troy-yay) joins the management team of recently appointed general manager Raymond Dilley. He began his new position on April 28.

"I was delighted to be able to bring in somebody born and raised in Baltimore and who knows the community extremely well," Dilley says. "He comes with a tremendous amount of experience from commercial radio and the public affairs work he did there."

Although Dilley says that some people say the definition of a program director is the person who says no, he expects Trouyet to continue to build the professional staff and sound of the station and help develop--and then manage--WJHU's future programming efforts.

Trouyet says his approach to new programming will be to try to balance national and local programs.

"There's no doubt that national programming is our cornerstone. I want to build on that, developing equally strong local programs of the same high quality as our Marc Steiner Show, programs that hopefully will attract a more diverse audience throughout our metropolitian area," Trouyet says.

Since March 1994, Trouyet has been WJHU's anchor for NPR's Weekend Edition, and he has served as the station's "all-purpose announcer." Concurrent with his role at WJHU, Trouyet also served as community affairs director for sister stations WWMX-FM (Mix106) and WOCT-FM (The Colt). When the stations were sold to American Radio Systems in 1996, he expanded his public affairs role to include the other FM and AM stations in the chain.

Trouyet began his career in 1972 at WBJC, the FM radio station of the Community College of Baltimore, which he attended following military service. He then worked part time at Towson State University's radio station, while earning his bachelor's degree there. For 14 years he worked full time at a string of Baltimore radio stations including urban radio stations WSID-FM and WEBB-FM, easy listening station WLIF-FM, country music station WPOC-FM and all-news/talk station WCBM-AM and then worked for seven years as director of public affairs for the contemporary-hits station WBSB-FM.

Trouyet was also the voice-over talent for WNUV-TV54 in Baltimore, the Maryland State Lottery Commission and the Washington Redskins Radio Network.

--Steve Libowitz

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