The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 6, 1998

Apr. 6, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 29

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Young investigators honored
When Mette Strand, a world-class researcher and outstanding graduate-student educator at Hopkins, died last fall, her colleagues in research and education wanted to remember her in a special and lasting way.
   That remembrance begins this Friday, with a new annual award for student research named for Strand.
   "We knew this is how she would like to be remembered: with an acknowledgment of students' achievements in Ph.D. research," says Thomas August, director of pharmacology and a colleague of Strand's.
   The award will be one of 17 at the medical campus's annual Young Investigators' Day on April 9. Activities for the day, a tradition since 1978, start at 4 p.m. in the Preclinical Teaching Building. Full story...

American law crosses the Atlantic
The temporary office of British barrister David Sugarman is strikingly stark. There is no artwork adorning the walls of the Mergenthaler room, save for a few favorite New Yorker cartoons on the door, and few publications line the bookshelves.
   But if Sugarman has little time for decorating, the University of Lancaster professor of law and society is to be pardoned. He arrived for one semester at Hopkins just months ago, after being offered the John Hinkley Professorship, which is bestowed in honor of the senior partner of the Baltimore law firm of Hinkley and Singley. Full story...

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