The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 13, 1998
Apr. 13 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 30


Phi Beta Kappa Chapter To Induct 151 New Members

Kudos: Students honored for their achievement and breadth of learning

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The annual induction of new members into Phi Beta Kappa will be held on Wednesday, May 20, at 10 a.m. in the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood campus. Students and faculty members who have previously been elected to Phi Beta Kappa by any university are welcome to attend.

Phi Beta Kappa, the first society to have a Greek letter name, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary to foster and recognize excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The Hopkins chapter--known officially as the Alpha Chapter of Maryland of the Phi Beta Kappa Society--was established in 1895. In May, it will add to its rolls 151 new members.

Juniors elected to the society generally rank around the top 2 percent and seniors in the top 10 to 15 percent of their respective classes, not counting engineering students or those previously elected. In addition to a high cumulative average, the nominating committee looks for evidence of outstanding intellectual achievement and breadth of learning.

Undergraduates attending SAIS and the Johns Hopkins/Columbia University Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education Program are eligible for election and are judged on the same basis as the students completing a regular four-year sequence at Homewood. The Hopkins chapter of Phi Beta Kappa permits some doctoral students to be admitted as well.

From the junior class in the School of Arts and Sciences
Homaa Ahmad
Justin Richard Bailey
Robert Scott Hoy
Grace Jewel Kim
Marcus J.Y. Ko
David Krug
Yang David Lee
Amy Marie Mason
Jamie Aileen Masone
John Kent Northrop
Lisa Marie Tibor
Rebecca E. Zarutskie
Karl Zheng

From the junior class in the School of Engineering
Christopher William Niedt

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Sciences
Gianna Marianna Abruzzo
Rehana Leila Ahmed
Joshua David Amoss
Rishi G. Anand
Jonathan Wade Bress
Heather Ann Brock
Heather Ann Bruce
Jeffrey Kenneth Burns
Ellery Ernst Canlas
Stephanie Nicole Carrick
Robert Colin Carter
Dohyoon Cha
Michael D. Chan
Ratasit Charutrakulchai
Fifi Cheng
Sung Hwan Chi
Robert Kaida Chin
Christopher Louis Ciarallo
Julie Ann Cilia
Joshua Reuben Cohen
Odelia Zand Cooper
Daniel Andrew Counsell
Nicole N. Davarpanah
Jimmy Diep
Jill Ann Donnelly
John Charles Dunlop
David Kim Duong
Evan David Ellis
Richard Oscar Francis
Douglas Matthew Franz
Steven Carl Friend
Mollie Kathleen Galloway
Nipa Dilip Gandhi
Daniel Seth Gilison
Kimberly Anne Gilman
Yohan Gohng
Joshua Mark Greenberg
Elizabeth Anne Greene
Jeffrey Adam Gusenoff
Ben Minghung Hsu
Mansoor Ali Husain
Daniel Woo Hwang
Yoshio Inoue
Parham Jaberi
Jessica Irene Kenyon
Huyi Jin Kim
James Seoung-Jin Kim
Sun Woo Kim
Richard Har Ko
Bradley Todd Kovach
Catharine Astromelia Kral
Loretta Eve Kuo
Eric H. Kwon
Byron Hing Lee
Jimmy Kyung Lee
Danielle Kimberly Lendino
Anna Eileen Li
Kuei-Cheng Lim
Laura Allison Lisy
Yuan Liu
Kirtie Lo
Jason Bernard Lowe
Robert Rhett Lu
Erin Marie McFeely
Yasmin Mehrain
Paul Francis Narain
L'Tricia Doris Oglesby
Parag Dhirajlal Parekh
Matthew Alan Parham
Avignat Suresh Patel
Brad Damon Rappaport
Violette Mathilde Renard
Gregory James Roehrig
Daniel Thomas Rogers
Lisa Heather Rosenblatt
John P. Saxe
Beeta Shadman-Valavi
Lynette Marie Sholl
Amy Lynn Shuster
Karyn Marlene Skultety
Evonne S. Smitt
Stephen Martin Sozio
Michael Spiegeland
Shehla Fatima Syed
Robert Laszlo Szerecz
Anne Michele Tria
Tory Lockwood Tunnell
Marshall Jonathan Urist
Parsia Vagefi
Lance Daniel Wahlert
Daniel Philip Waldman
Amber Watts
Brian Edward Weinthal
Dawn Marie Wetzel
Abigail Wile
Christopher Dowell Winship
William Sloan Wobbeking
Selena Marie Wood
Amanda Tevebaugh Yarnell
Derek Kim-Hun Yu
Jacoba Hannah Zelinsky
Lee Michael Zuckerman

From the School of Advanced International Studies
Gautam Joga Ivatury
Amanda M. O'Neil
Judy Tze-Huei Wu

From the senior class of 1997
Jack Jen-Chieh Hwang
Kimberly Ellen Liu

From the graduate school in Arts and Sciences
Gregory Emmanuel Demas
James Frederick Kolonay Jr.

M.D. candidates from the School of Medicine
Neil Craig Evans
James Francis Weller

Ph.D. candidate from the School of Medicine
Jia Xu

Ph.D. candidates from the School of Hygiene and Public Health
Amal Jamil Khoury
Wenchi Liang
Matthew Huei Ma
Robert J. Reid
Jiruth Sriratanaban

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Sciences/elected in 1997
Kelly Jean Abbett
Sam Sang-Woo Ahn
Rahul Jagdis Anand
Justin Ashley Anderson
Mathew Martin Augustine
Martin Damien Burke
Atish Dipankar Choudhury
Thomas Brian Clark
Eveline A. Hitti
Chung-Ming Bernard Lee
Sang Hyun Lee
John George Lieb II
Catherine Louise Passaretti
Michael Howard Roh
Amit M. Saindane
Emily Sarah Schuster
Jesse Colin Watson

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Sciences/elected in 1996
Adriana Izquierdo
Yang Sun
Tony Suchai Wanich