The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 27, 1998
Apr. 27 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 32


Women's Health And Spirituality Conference Begins Today

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

A New Mexico couple nationally known for advocating holistic healing will be the keynote speakers at a seminar on Women's Health and Spirituality this week in Turner Auditorium on the East Baltimore campus.

Physician Larry Dossey and his wife, nurse Barbara Dossey, will speak on Monday, April 27.

Larry Dossey, an internist, is former co-chair of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions for the National Institutes of Health's Office of Alternative Medicine. He is the executive editor of the journal Alternative Therapies and has written seven books, including the 1993 New York Times best-seller Healing Words: The Power of Prayer & the Practice of Medicine.

Barbara Dossey, a pioneer in the holistic nursing movement, is director of Holistic Nursing Consultants in Santa Fe. Her books, including Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, are used in hospitals and nursing schools throughout the country.

An interfaith panel on women's spirituality will be held Tuesday, April 28. Panelists include Rabbi Mona Decker of the Bolton Street Synagogue; Patricia Fosarelli, a physician who has faculty appointments at Hopkins and St. Mary's Seminary; the Rev. Tanya L. Fields, associate minister at Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington; and Tiye Mulazim of Baltimore, whose husband is an Islamic imam.

Hopkins experts will speak on advances in women's health including mood and eating disorders, gynecological cancer screening and the use of estrogen therapy to decrease heart disease.

The seminar, sponsored by the Department of Pastoral Care, is designed to assist chaplains, congregational clergy, physicians, nurses and other health care providers in understanding the medical, psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of women's health care. For costs and other information, call Jeanne Ryan at Continuing Medical Education, 410-955-3839.