The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 8, 1998

June 8, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 37

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Hopkins, GE begin joint R&D effort at hospital
In a unique collaborative effort, General Electric and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions have begun a two-year renewable agreement to research and develop innovative new high-speed magnetic resonance imaging technology that will provide, among other benefits, real-time movies of the heart.
   This agreement marks the first time a major medical imaging equipment manufacturer such as GE will be integrated in a clinical environment.
   A team of GE scientists and engineers will work alongside Hopkins scientists and physicians in order to design, develop and clinically evaluate the new MRI technology. In this way, advances made in the on-site research facility will be able to be implemented immediately. Full story...

Professor in thick of Indonesian crisis
In early May, the violence on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, was front-page news. With the country's economy in major crisis mode and with little hope for the future, students demonstrated at the foot of the capitol building and demanded that President Suharto step down. The demonstrations soon escalated into a series of riots in which hundreds lost their lives and which ultimately forced Suharto to resign a post he had held for 32 years.
   Meanwhile, Steve H. Hanke, professor of applied economics, who was in Geneva at the time, barely blinked. Full story...

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