The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 22, 1998

June 22, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 38

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Nursing's past and future
The visitors walked on floors that glowed with a shiny perfection, poked their heads into lecture halls that resembled more the bridge of the Starship Enterprise than the classrooms in which they themselves had been taught and wandered around pristine laboratories fully equipped with sleek new medical equipment.
   These welcomed guests came to celebrate the new Anne M. Pinkard Building, the School of Nursing's first permanent home. And everywhere they looked, it was clear just how "new" this facility was.
   Yet the dedication ceremony that took place June 11 was not just about celebrating a building that was new; it was also about honoring all that was old, according to Sue Donaldson, dean of the School of Nursing. Full story...

$2 million gift honors Ross Jones on retirement
Ross Jones has been around Johns Hopkins in one role or another for most of the last half-century.
   It's pretty darned hard to keep him out of the loop on anything that's really important.
   But three university trustees managed to completely blindside him. They raised more than $2 million to name a wing of Homewood's planned new student arts center in Jones' honor.
   And the retiring vice president and secretary of the university never suspected a thing until the gift was announced at a trustee dinner in his honor this month. Full story...

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