The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 4, 1998

May 4, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 33

JH Initiative targets new goal of $1.2 billion
Curtin call for distinguished history professor
Hopkins helps Mother Friendly Movement in Indonesia
Videotaped diagnosis may help Alzheimer's experts reach new patients
New method devised for predicting river damage
New AIDS vaccine plus booster shot gives best results
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Staff Recognition Awards presented at Homewood
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Clark gift supports new biomed building
A new biomedical engineering center, to be built with a $10 million gift from trustee A. James Clark, will allow The Johns Hopkins University's nationally prominent biomedical engineering program to expand its focus, strike out in new research directions and enhance its undergraduate teaching program.
   Construction of the building, which Clark's gift will help underwrite, is the first step in the planned creation of the Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Institute. The institute will foster collaboration among Hopkins faculty, both in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and in related departments, and between Hopkins and outside researchers. Full story...

Now hear this
If Hopkins undergraduate Serena J. Gondek had a mild case of nerves before a speaking engagement last week in Minneapolis, it was certainly understandable.
   The 21-year-old biomedical engineering major had to describe her groundbreaking brain research to a highly educated audience of physicians and other experts in disorders of the nervous system.
   Using electrodes implanted on the human cortex, Gondek had located the part of the brain that appears to process sounds while people sleep. This site, in the frontal lobe, may be part of a vigilance system that rouses a mother when her baby cries but lets the woman sleep when a truck rumbles by. Full story...

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