Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 13, 1995

Sudler Prize Nominations Being Sought

     Nominations are invited for the Louis Sudler Prize in the
Arts, a $1,500 annual prize established in 1983. The deadline for
submitting nominations is March 10.
     The award is made to a graduating senior from the School of
Arts and Sciences or the G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering, or
a fourth-year student in the School of Medicine, who has
demonstrated excellence and the highest standards of proficiency
in performance, execution or composition in music, theater,
dance, writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film
or videotape.
     The 1994 Sudler Prize winner was artist and caricaturist
Celestia Ward, of the Writing Seminars.
     Nominations may be made by a university faculty member or by
an individual student on his or her own behalf, with the written
recommendation of a faculty member or administrator familiar with
the student's work.
     Students will be judged by a committee of faculty and
administrators from the Homewood campus, the Peabody Institute
and the School of Medicine. President William C. Richardson will
consider the committee's recommendations and make the final
     Written nominations, examples of the student's work and
supporting materials should be submitted to Julia Morgan, 240
Garland Hall, for Homewood students; School of Medicine students
submit their materials to Dean Franklin Herlong, 124 Medical
School Administration Building.
     Visual artists may submit photographs of their work, though
actual pieces are preferred. Performing artists should submit
videotapes or audiotapes. Work submitted in support of the
nomination must have been done while the individual was a Hopkins
student. Supporting materials might include, for example, a
résumé of relevant artistic activities or published reviews of
the student's work or performances. 
     The Sudler Prize in the Arts was made possible through the
generosity of the late Louis Sudler, former chairman of Sudler &
Co., one of Chicago's largest real estate firms. Sudler, who was
a musician and philanthropist as well as a successful
businessman, performed nationwide as a soloist in concert and
with symphony orchestras and as a leading baritone with the
Chicago Civic Opera Company. From 1960 to 1974, Sudler also was
producer and host of the Peabody Award-winning television program
Artists Showcase, which introduced more than 500 young musical
artists to a national audience.
     The committee also considers nominations for the President's
Commendation for Achievement in the Arts, which was established
in 1989 to honor graduating seniors in the schools of Arts and
Sciences and Engineering who have contributed to the arts in the
Homewood community. 
     For more information about the Sudler Prize or the
President's Commendation, call Julia Morgan at 516-4697.

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