Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 27, 1995

Black Alumni Meet

     The first meeting of the Society of Black Alumni, held the
weekend of Feb. 17. More than 60 alumni and their guests met on
the Homewood campus with administrators and students to discuss
and share ideas about the C-21 report, multicultural student
affairs, minority undergraduate admissions and the long-term role
of the society.

     The seed for the society was planted last spring by students
who sought greater contact with black graduates who, they hoped,
could act as mentors and contacts. Jerry Schnydman, director of
Alumni Relations, pushed the process along, contacting by mail
the approximately 600 black alumni. About 180 replied, a steering
committee was formed and this first event was planned.

     "I think the society can and will play an important role in
making the [campus] environment more nurturing for the African
American students who are here and those planning to come to
Hopkins," said Warren, who is pursuing a master's degree in
public policy studies at the University of Chicago. "This
organization will have the two-tiered effect of expressing the
institution's interest in African American students and providing
a resource for them that says, We made it through and are
successful; you can do it, too."

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