Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 27, 1995

Four Faculty Promoted

     One faculty member at Homewood and three from East Baltimore
have been advanced to the rank of professor by action of the
board of trustees.
     The board, at its February meeting, approved a promotion for
Jonathan P. Weiner of the Department of Health Policy and
Management in the School of Public Health, effective Jan. 1.
     Effective Feb. 1, the board promoted Jef Boeke of the
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and Gerald Loughlin
of the Department of Pediatrics, both in the School of Medicine.
     The board also promoted Steven Yantis of the Psychology
Department in the School of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1.
     Dr. Weiner, who joined the Hopkins faculty in 1981, is
deputy director of Public Health's Health Services Research and
Development Center. He focuses on issues relating to health care
services, including quality of care. He also is co-developer of a
method for grouping patients according to morbidity that is now
in use in dozens of managed care plans nationwide.
     Dr. Boeke, at Hopkins since 1986, conducts research into the
molecular genetics of yeasts, work that has significant influence
in many areas of biology. He conceived and developed a novel
antiviral strategy called capsid-targeted viral inactivation,
said Michael Johns, dean of the School of Medicine. 
     Dr. Loughlin, a Hopkins faculty member since 1984, was the
first member of the Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine,
which he has built into a successful organization of eight
full-time and two part-time faculty, five fellows and a staff of
25, Dr. Johns said. He has also attracted grants for the
establishment of important programs in cystic fibrosis.
     Dr. Yantis, at Hopkins since 1986, conducts research in
visual perception and attention, and has determined, among other
major findings, how an event captures an observer's attention
independently of that observer's intentions. Last year, he won
the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Scientific
Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology.

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