Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 23, 1995

Look For "Gazette" and "HRToday" on JHUniverse

     The Gazette and Human Resources Today can be easily accessed
on JHUniverse by following these keystroke directions: Type
Telnet Resource at the c>. (If you work from IBM Windows, click
on to the telnet icon and type in "resource" in the parameters
box); log in and enter your password, then hit enter until you
reach the ReSource Services menu; then select #5 (JHUniverse
Campus Wide Info System); from that menu select #12
(Publications, JHU Press, News Releases and Media Guide); from
that menu select #1 (Publications); from there, select #6 (JHU
Gazette) to find a  menu of dates corresponding to the
publication of each edition of the 1994-95 academic year. Select
the number of the article you want to read.  Select #4 to access
each Human Resources Today from March 1994.
     To exit, keep selecting "u" (up menu) until you reach the
Root Gopher Server; select "q" (quit), then "y" (yes), to return
to the original ReSource Services menu. Select "O" to return to
the c> or Windows.

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