Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 6, 1995

Asian Festival '95 Wants to Expand Perceptions of Asian Culture
By Ken Keatley

     "Asian America" is the theme of Asian Festival 1995, a
weeklong series of events (see below) designed to generate an
awareness and appreciation of Asian culture at Hopkins.

     According to junior Jerry Tsai, who coordinated the festival
as chairman of the university's Inter-Asian Council, the event is
part of an ongoing effort by the IAC to address a variety of
issues, especially those involving Asian American politics, civil
rights and culture.

     "We're trying to focus a lot of events on the myths and
misconceptions people have about Asian Americans," said Tsai, a
Boston native whose mother is Taiwanese and father is Japanese. 

     Tsai is especially concerned with the so-called "model
minority" myth that seemingly idolizes Asian Americans while
ignoring the problems--from immigrant poverty to racism--that
affect many members of the Asian American community. 

     "We want to show the community that there is no one Asian
culture. It is such a broad expanse," explained Tsai. 

     That fact is reflected in the diversity of the IAC, an
umbrella group that coordinates and facilitates the activities of
the 10 Asian student groups (representing students of Bengali,
Chinese, Filipino, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, South Asian,
Singapore/Malaysian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese descent) on the
Homewood campus. 

     "In the broadest sense, we hope the festival will get people
to consider the issues affecting Asian American culture today,"
Tsai said. "I think we have a good variety of events."

     All events are free, except Saturday's dance. The general
public is welcome to all events.

Tuesday, March 7
     8 p.m., AMR1, Multipurpose Room
"Asian Americans and the Model Minority Myth" 
     Lecture by Bonnie Oh, professor of Korean history at
Georgetown University.

Wednesday, March 8
     6 to 9 p.m., AMR Common Kitchen
     Asian cooking lessons, featuring cuisine from four Asian

Thursday, March 9
     7 p.m., Eisenhower Library, Garrett Room
"Justice Triumphant: Asian Americans in the Military"
     Lecture by Washington, D.C., attorney and Marine Corps
Reserves Capt. Bruce Yamashita. He will recount his experiences
in the military, including an ongoing lawsuit alleging racial
harassment and discrimination that led to his reinstatement and
promotion after initially being dismissed from Officer Candidate

Friday, March 10
     6 p.m. to midnight, AMR1 TV Room
Asian Film Festival:  The Wedding Banquet, Dragon Inn and Salaam

Friday, March 10
     11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Glass Pavilion
Asian Bazaar:  food, crafts and cultural demonstrations provided
by the IAC and its member groups. Highlights will include
demonstrations by Hopkins martial arts clubs, Korean fan dancers
and an exhibit of the works of traditional Chinese painters C.
Day Yu and Heshi Yu, who will be in attendance.

Saturday, March 11
     6 p.m. to midnight, AMR1 TV Room
Asian Film Festival:  The Story of Qiu Ju, Hard Boiled and Ugetsu

Saturday, March 11
     9 p.m. to 2 a.m., E-Level/Great Hall
Dance:  Admission is $2 for Hopkins students; $3 for others.
     For more information, call the IAC office at 516-4244.

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