Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 6, 1995

Teaching Teachers Science

     A program that will use satellite technology and the
Internet to get schoolchildren excited about learning science
will begin soon in hundreds of elementary and secondary schools
around the nation. But first, educators must learn how to teach
the program. During a three-day workshop beginning March 7, about
30 teachers from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., will
come to Hopkins to learn about GLOBE, which stands for Global
Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.

     The federally funded program will teach youngsters how to
make environmental observations and measurements, such as
temperature, soil moisture and characteristics about plant life.
The program will be taught to children ranging from
kindergartners to 12th-graders. Six Baltimore schools have been
selected to participate in GLOBE. The workshops at Hopkins
represent the first round of teacher-training sessions. For more
information, call Anne Anikis at the Maryland Space Grant
Consortium, 516-7106, or Ann Hardison at GLOBE, (202) 395-7600.

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