Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 20, 1995

A message from Morris W. Offit
to Johns Hopkins University
staff and employees

     As you probably know, a presidential search committee has
been formed and is meeting regularly. An important part of the
committee's work during this early phase of the search will be to
gain a clear understanding of what the university community would
like to see in the next president of Johns Hopkins. What
qualifications, experience and personal qualities should we be

     Members of the search committee value the opinions of
everyone who is associated with Hopkins. If you would like to
share your views with the committee or suggest possible
candidates for the Hopkins presidency, I would encourage you to
write to me in care of the Office of the Board of Trustees, 240
Garland Hall, Homewood campus.

     The search committee plans to spend the next several months-
-as long as it takes--to find the best possible president for
Hopkins. We hope that you will help us in this endeavor by
keeping in touch with us and offering your views and suggestions.

     Thank you.

                              Morris W. Offit
                              Chairman, Search Committee
                              Chairman, Board of Trustees

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