Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 27, 1995

Merrick Awards Announced
for Undergraduate Research
on Mind, Brain Interaction

     As part of an annual campaign to support undergraduate
research on the interaction between the mind and brain, the
Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute announces the 1995 Robert G.
Merrick Jr. Achievement Awards.

     Two prizes of $1,000 each will be awarded to undergraduates
for research in the study of the brain and cognitive functions.

     There will be two types of Merrick achievement awards--one
will be awarded to an undergraduate for research already
undertaken at the interface between cognitive and brain
functions; the other will be awarded to an undergraduate in
support of costs associated with a proposed summer research

     Successful candidates will be chosen by a committee chaired
by Guy McKhann, director of the Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain

     Applications--in the form of a letter of application, a
research abstract or research proposal, plus two supporting
faculty letters--should be submitted no later than Friday, April
7, to Dr. McKhann, 338 Krieger Hall, Homewood campus.

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