Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 27, 1995

Evening of Poetry, Performing Celebrates Budding Self-Esteem

     Caryl Ralph spent the past 14 weeks building the self-esteem
of young African American girls, ages 7 to 13, in East Baltimore
through several workshops she calls Concerned About Children. The
concept was originally developed 10 years ago for community
centers in Ralph's native city of Hartford, Conn.

     Funded by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association's Community
Service Internship Program, the workshops culminated in a Friday
evening event that featured the girls reciting poetry, performing
a one-act play and African dances, and modeling. 

     "So much emphasis and concern are placed on the future of
the African American male," Ralph said. "I realized there was
little focus on the needs of the African American female. During
the workshops, it's wonderful to see the students' transition
from timid little girls to confident young ladies." 

     Ralph, who will receive her master's degree in business this
spring from the School of Continuing Studies, plans to turn CAC
into a full-time business, with consultants conducting workshops
at recreation and community centers throughout the city. 

     "The most difficult part is finding the initial funding.
But, I'm working on it," she said.

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