Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 12, 1996


U.S. Healthcare endows chair at School of Medicine

     U.S. Healthcare, one of the nation's largest managed care
companies, has pledged $1.5 million to endow a professorship in
medical genetics at the School of Medicine.

     "This extraordinary gesture will make it possible for us to
support a world-class physician scientist to bolster our research
enterprise," said Michael E. Johns, dean of the medical school.
"Genetics has long been one of Johns Hopkins' core strengths.
Such internationally recognized programs as the Online Mendelian
Inheritance in Man and the Genome Data Base are headquartered
here. This endowment represents a commitment of two leaders in
the delivery of health care to improve the health of the public."

     Johns said the School of Medicine's hope is to identify a
recipient for the U.S. Healthcare Professorship this year. Plans
are for the individual to be based in the Institute for Human
Genetics, a new program aimed at enhancing collaboration among
genetics researchers, educators, clinicians and counselors who
have their primary appointments in a number of different
departments in the School of Medicine.

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