Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 12, 1996

Trustees Propose New Executive to Oversee Johns 
Hopkins Medicine

     Representatives of university and Johns Hopkins Health
System trustees are proposing that a new senior officer oversee
all patient care, medical research and medical teaching at both

     The new administrative officer, who would report to the
president of the university, would be responsible for all of
Johns Hopkins Medicine: the university's School of Medicine as
well as both hospitals and all the outpatient services and other
subsidiaries that comprise the health system.

     The university and health system are separate corporations,
closely linked for more than a century. They have been working
for more than a year to better integrate their medical
operations. The trustees of both institutions last summer created
a joint administrative structure, called the Office of Johns
Hopkins Medicine.

     Creation of a single source of authority, said the trustees
who proposed the new executive position last week, would allow
Johns Hopkins Medicine to "respond rapidly and decisively to new
opportunities in the healthcare market."

     The new officer would also "ensure support for the academic
and clinical missions" of Johns Hopkins Medicine, the trustees
said in a statement released Tuesday. He or she will "align
financial incentives between the two organizations, so that
everyone can see that what benefits one side of the partnership
benefits the other," the statement said.

     The statement, signed by health system board chairman George
L. Bunting Jr. and university board chairman Morris W. Offit,
said discussions are continuing between representatives of the
two boards. 

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