Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 20, 1996


     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should
callthe Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at

25 years of service
     Medaugh, Brigitta, MSE Library
     Theodore, Yvonne M., Provost's Office

20 years of service
     Taylor, David, Plant Operations and Maintenance
     Wehrheim, Deborah P., Office of the Controller

15 years of service
     Joy, Isaac F., Jr., Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
     Colton, Barbara S., CSOS
     Dilauro, Timothy, MSE Library
     Gamo, Niceta, Administrative Computing
     Jones, Maria I., MSE Library
     Kita, Dennis, WJHU
     Montgomery, Mary, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
     Abel, Candace F., Mathematics
     Allen, Christopher, Admissions
     Bingley, Kathy Sharon, JHU Press
     Fauver, Margaret Phyllis, JHPIEGO
     Fuqua, Dana, CTY
     Keller, William B., MSE Library
     Oppelaar, Carol, Office of Vice President
     Rachuba, Michael S., Jr., JHU Press
     Robinson, Michelle J., Business and Information Services
     Romero, Millicent E., MSE Library
     Szerenyi, Bank, Johns Hopkins Club

15 years of service
     Harris, Jeanette, Epidemiology
     Holmes, Thelia, Maternal and Child Health
     Raubach, Geraldine Leslie, Federal Credit Union
     Vannatta, Mark L., Epidemiology

10 years of service
     Belosevic, Linda S., Development
     Casey, Roberta K., International Health

5 years of service
     Aparentado, Rico F., Custodial Services
     Hill, Stephen Prescott, Health Policy and Management
     O'Brien, Sally A., Development

35 years of service
     Chase, Shirley, Molecular Biology and Genetics

25 years of service
     Goertz, Philip H., Academic Affairs
     Southerland, Marcela, Dermatology

20 years of service
     Urquhart, Thomas M., Cell Biology and Anatomy

15 years of service
     Eller, Susan Lynn, Oncology
     Flock, Debra Lynn, Pediatrics
     Raspa, Beverly Carol, Orthopedic Surgery
     Smith, Jeffrey A., Oncology

10 years of service
     Bollers, Nancy D., Clinical Immunology
     Boring, Janice M., Medicine
     Brooks, Maryann K., Comparative Medicine
     Klima, Karen Ann, Ophthalmology
     Koerner, Celide Barnes, Pediatrics
     Porretti, Maria A., Neurology
     Rubalcaba, Elizabeth A., Pediatrics
     Stevens, Maria, Ophthalmology
     Tann, Jane Olivia, Physicians Billing Service
     Tunin, Richard S., Medicine
     Williams, Ronald C., Medical Practice Plan

5 years of service
     Barbara, Charles, Medicine
     Campbell, Sylvia Maria, Physicians Billing Service
     Clemons, Teresa M., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
     Gaines, Kristen Lee, OB-GYN
     Jones, April M., Medical Practice Plan
     McCready, Donna Lee, Ophthalmology
     Rafferty, Jennifer, Psychiatry
     Raines, Charles Phillip, Medicine
     Seddon, Carole, Oncology Center Services
     Sukhov, Renat Ravil, Pathology
     Sylvester, Ann P., Molecular Pharmacology
     Welby, John Gary, Public Affairs
     Williams, Dana Elizabeth, Clinical Immunology
     Williams, Nichole M., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

10 years of service
     Zito, John Joseph, Business Office

5 years of service
     Di Pietro, Steven C., Mail Services

20 years of service
     Newman, Sharon B., Office of the Director

5 years of service
     Nelson, Rodger L., Plant Operations

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