Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 20, 1996

SAIS To Administer Education Programs

Lucy Howton
SAIS Office of Public Affairs

     The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of
Syracuse University were awarded a multiple year contract last
week by the Department of Defense to design and deliver executive
education programs for senior military and civilian leaders.

     "For the past 15 years the Executive Management Development
and Training Program has been an important forum for DoD leaders
to debate international and national security, military strategy,
and management and leadership issues," said SAIS dean Paul
Wolfowitz. "This program is the product of a unique and powerful
partnership that pools the resources and expertise of two of the
nation's most prominent institutions devoted to professional
training in public and international affairs. SAIS has a
worldwide reputation in the field of international relations
while Maxwell has been rated as the top school of public
administration in the United States." 

     Prior to today's announcement the program had been
administered by Harvard University's Kennedy School of

     "In this era of constant change and global uncertainty,
there is a powerful need for creative thinking about our national
security policy and role in the world. This unique partnership
will help our future civilian and military leaders prepare for
these challenges," said Maxwell dean John Palmer.

     The program will make use of innovative teaching techniques
and lively curriculum materials that will create a dynamic
learning environment. 

     Training sessions will take place at Syracuse University in
upstate New York and at facilities in the Baltimore/Washington
area. Leading academics from both schools, as well as former
senior level government officials, will teach the seminars. 

     The program consists of three distinct courses that will be
taught jointly by SAIS and the Maxwell School.  

     The National Security Course, an eight-week introduction to
national security policy intended for lieutenant colonels,
colonels and civilian equivalents, will emphasize general
managerial and analytical skills to meet the challenge of future
interdisciplinary positions.  

     The two-week National Security Leadership and Strategy
Course, designed for recently promoted generals and admirals as
well as senior civilian executives, will focus on the formulation
of national security strategy. The seminar will address the
various historical, economic, political and social forces that
affect national security.  

     The third seminar--National Security Decision Making--is a
two-and-a-half-day program designed for the most senior civilian
and military leaders.

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