Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 8, 1996

In Quotes...

"It could be a milestone in efforts to understand the origins of

     Cancer researcher Bert Vogelstein, in the Jan. 3 New York
Times, on the Stanford University-led study that may explain why
many solid malignant tumors are resistant to chemotherapy and
radiation therapy and why some cancer cells can survive even in
the center of tumors.

"They are a phenomenal group."

     William C. Richardson, president of the W.K. Kellogg
Foundation, in the Jan. 4 Baltimore Sun, commenting on the
International Youth Foundation, a charity moving its headquarters
and 30-member staff to Baltimore from Battle Creek, Mich.

"Forgetting where your car keys are is one thing. Forgetting you
have a car is a whole other order of problem."

     Barry Gordon, director of Hopkins' Memory Disorders Clinic
and author of the recently released Memory: Remembering and
Forgetting in Everyday Life, in the Jan. 3 Baltimore Sun.

"[There] is still a reluctance to cross the line and vote for
Republicans, largely because of the perception that the fringe
religious groups are taking over the center of the party."

     Political scientist Benjamin Ginsberg, director of the
Washington Center for the Study of American Government, in the
Dec. 29 Baltimore Jewish Times, on why many Jewish voters, who
share Republican political values, are reluctant to vote for
Republican political candidates. 

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