Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 22, 1996

Vice dean for research to join AAMC

     David A. Blake, executive vice dean and vice dean for
research at the School of Medicine, has been named senior vice
president for research at the Association of American Medical
Colleges. He will join the association full time on July 1.

     At the AAMC, Blake will lead the association's efforts to
enhance the effectiveness of research activities in the nation's
medical schools and teaching hospitals, bolster the participation
of medical school faculty in the leadership and policy
development of the association, and coordinate a comprehensive
evaluation of the size and job opportunities of the
biomedical-Ph.D. community, among other activities.

     Michael E. Johns, dean of the School of Medicine, said Blake
will be missed at Hopkins, but "it gives me great pleasure to
know that Dave's counsel and leadership will now be exercised on
the national level. We in the biomedical research community will
continue to call on him for an almost unsurpassed body of
knowledge and expertise." 

     Blake has been an educator, investigator and leader at
Hopkins for 22 years. An extensively published pharmacologist,   
he has served on numerous research panels and is as a member of
the American Society of Pharmacology/Experimental Therapeutics
and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

     "I consider this to be a capstone appointment for a research
administration career," he said of his new post. "With the real
fruits of biomedical discovery beginning to emerge from
initiatives such as the Human Genome Project, medical schools and
national organizations such as the AAMC will be called on to a
greater extent in the future ... to explain what they are doing
and why. We will have to explain the profound social, ethical and
economic issues that are attendant to these discoveries. I look
forward to being part of that process."

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