Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 22, 1996

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

Hofmann, Mae E., 26 years, Telecommunication Services
Mareck, Charles W., 33 years, Central Purchasing
Westphal, Francis X., 23 years, Security Services
Woodworth, Ellery B., 26 years, Federal Relations

25 years of service
Martin, Vicente, Plant Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Grattan, Ann E., Printing Services

15 years of service
Lovell, Glen Davis, Homewood Computing

10 years of service
Brooks, James W., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Carter, Robert, Johns Hopkins Club
Pond, Angela Wilson, CTY
Stoll, Anna C., Sociology 

5 years of service
Caruso, Louis N., JHU Press
Frazier, Carolyn R., JHU Press
Given, Maxine A., General Accounting
Hauf, Margaret Taylor, General Accounting
Johnson, Angel M., Security Services
Morse, Donna L., Central Purchasing
Rice, Debbie Hayes, Business Office, SCS

Hygiene and Public Health
20 years of service
Tyc, Sharon Leona, Epidemiology 
Waddy, Patricia A., Maternal and Child Health 

10 years of service
Murray, Susan G., American Journal of Epidemiology

5 years of service
Argo, Mary Joy V., Office of the Dean
Davis, Kirk E., Biochemistry
Fahnestock, Clara B., Mental Hygiene
Ragin, Willer M., Copy Center

Fowler, Jean I., 34 years, OB-GYN
Sickler, Lolita G., 16 years, Medicine

25 years of service
Lewis, Leroy C., Maintenance
Thompson, Madelyn O., Laboratory Animal Medicine

15 years of service
Banks, Judy G., Custodial Services
Brown, Gloria C., Ophthalmology 
Frye, Natasha M., Molecular Biology & Genetics 

10 years of service
Appelbaum, Sharon A., Office of the Dean
Baxley, Bobetta, Urology
Haggerty, Melissa Anne, Surgery 
Hiponia, Ma Consuelo G., Office of Executive Director
Sullivan, Patricia A., Medicine
Tankersley, Lynda Lea, Medicine

5 years of service
Berkeridge, Anne J., Oncology Center 
Beverly, Veronica R., Psychiatry
Dewyre, Cheryl A., Pathology
Drotar, Theresa, Orthopedic Surgery
Funderburk, Leola, Pediatrics
Harris, Linda D., Biological Chemistry
Hofmann, James, Genome Data Base
James, Patricia, Ophthalmology 
Malik, Baha, Psychiatry
Moneymaker, Patricia A., Ophthalmology 
Morris, Pamela J., Surgery 
Nuth, Carolyn, Oncology 
Robinson, John C., Urology
Robinson, Matesse L., Ophthalmology 
Simonsen, Norma Jean, Orthopedic Surgery
Young, Candace, Psychiatry

5 years of service
Probasco, Virginia Louth, Placement and Career Counseling 

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