Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 22, 1996

Seven Promoted to Rank of Professor

     The board of trustees has voted to promote seven faculty
members from the School of Medicine to the rank of professor.

     The board, at its November and December meetings, approved
promotions effective Nov. 1, 1995, for Lee Randol Barker of the
Department of Medicine, Stephen V. Desiderio of the Department of
Molecular Biology and Genetics, John P. Gearhart of the
Department of Urology, Risa B. Mann of the Department of
Pathology and Warwick L. Morison of the Department of

     W. Lowell Maughan and Andrew Whelton of the Department of
Medicine were promoted effective Oct. 1, 1995.

     Barker has been a member of the faculty since 1974 and since
1979 director or co-director of the Division of General Internal
Medicine at what is now Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He
has developed a training program for generalist physicians now
recognized as a national model in the field and has been
co-editor since 1979 of the world's leading textbook in general
internal medicine.

     Desiderio, a faculty member since 1984 and director of the
M.D.-Ph.D. program since 1992, has focused on two related
problems: immunoglobulin gene rearrangement and signal
transduction in lymphoid cells. He is an award-winning teacher
and one of the major contributors to the recent revision of the
first-year curriculum for medical students.

     Gearhart, on the Hopkins faculty since 1984, is a pediatric
urologist internationally recognized for his work on exstrophy of
the bladder, surgical management of disorders of sexual
differentiation, prognosis in patients with Wilms' tumor and
development disorders of the lower urinary tract. He recently
received the Anglo-American Teaching Scholarship from the Royal
Society of Medicine in recognition of his contributions to
urological education in the United Kingdom.

     Mann, at Hopkins since 1977, is an accomplished researcher
in three main areas: Epstein-Barr virus's relationship to
lymphoproliferative disorders, the clinical-pathologic
correlation of hematologic malignancies and the classification of
lymphomas. She is an award-winning teacher and a former acting
director of the Division of Surgical Pathology.

     Morison, a part-time member of the faculty since 1981, has
established an active clinical photobiology unit responsible for
demonstrating the use of ultraviolet light therapy in treatment
of many inflammatory skin diseases. His scientific studies were
among the first to demonstrate the immunosuppressive effects of
both ultraviolet B and the combination of psoralen and
ultraviolet A irradiation.

     Maughan, a faculty member since 1978, has been a leader in
developing the "pressure-volume" approach for quantifying the
workings of the heart and in translating that work into improved
treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. He and his
colleagues have also developed a cardiovascular simulator that
allows researchers and students to study how changes in any
parameter affect the entire system.

     Whelton, on the faculty since 1969, has directed the
clinical program in nephrology since 1989. His research focuses
on management of patients with acute renal failure and on
clinical pharmacology related to the kidney. His studies have had
important impact on the use of antibiotics in renal failure.

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