Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 22, 1996

Info Line Takes Heat

     When it snowed, they called. 

     The university's weather emergency telephone line recorded
more than 38,000 connections in the snow-laden first two weeks of
January, and that's not even counting calls that came through on
the service's toll-free (800) number.

     The service, now in its third year, provides frequently
updated information about the impact of bad weather on class
schedules and other university operations. Employees and students
can call to find out about closings, delays and cancellations far
more quickly than they can by watching television or listening to
the radio. The phone line information is more complete, and often
more accurate, than that provided by broadcast media.

     But the volume of storm-day calls to university security
offices and switchboards indicates that not everyone knows about
the weather emergency line or remembers the number. So here's a
reminder: Callers in Baltimore can dial 516-7781. Outside the
immediate area, dial 1 (800) 548-9004. APL maintains a separate
snow emergency line at (410) 792-6101.

     Home computer users can also find Hopkins snow emergency
announcements on JHUniverse at

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