Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 18, 1996

For The Record: 



Endowed Chairs

     The following list represents a portion of the university's

endowed chairs and the faculty who currently hold them. The

Gazette plans to publish the remainder of the list in the April

15 issue.


Herbert Baxter Adams Professor of History

     Phillip Curtin

William Foxwell Albright Chair in Biblical 

and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

     P. Kyle McCarter Jr.

Bernard N. Baker Chair in Chemistry

     Walter S. Koski

James M. Beall Professor of French

     Stephen G. Nichols

The David Bernstein Professorship in 

Political Science

     Benjamin Ginsberg

Morton K. Blaustein Professorship and 

Chair in Earth and Planetary Sciences

     Lawrence A. Hardie

Charlotte Bloomberg 

Professorship in the Humanities   

     Herbert L. Kessler

Elliott Coleman Professorship in 

The Writing Seminars

     Mark Strand

John and Diane Cook Professorship of 

Chinese History

     William T. Rowe

Herbert R. Boone Chair in the Humanities

     Michael Fried

The Decker Chair in the Humanities

     John T. Irwin

The Decker Chairs in Science and Engineering

          Leon Madansky

          Owen M. Phillips

The John Dewey Chair

          Alejandro Portes

The Gerhard H. Dieke Professorship in Physics and Astronomy

          Brian R. Judd

Caroline Donovan Professor of English Literature

          Larzer Ziff

Gildersleeve Professorship in Classics

          Marcel Detienne

William D. Gill Professor of Biology

          Phillip E. Hartman

Benjamin H. Griswold III Chair in Public Policy

          Andrew Cherlin

Jacob L. Hain Chair in Arts and Sciences

          Aihud Pevsner

Charles Homer Haskins Chair in History

          John W. Baldwin

Abram G. Hutzler Professor of Political Economy

          M. Ali Khan

D. Mead Johnson Chair in Chemistry

          Emil H. White

George Armstrong Kelly Professorship

          Richard E. Flathman

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English

          Sharon Cameron

Krieger-Eisenhower Professorship

          Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Professor William Kurrelmeyer Chair in the Department of German

          David Wellbery

Arthur Oncken Lovejoy Chair in History

          Dorothy Ross

William D. and Robin Mayer Professorship

          Ronald Paulson

Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities

          Allen Grossman

Andrew W. Mellon Chair of the Humanities

          Jack P. Greene

Ralph S. O'Connor Chair in Biology

          Saul Roseman

Sir William Osler Chair in English

          Jonathan Goldberg

Jean and Norman Scowe Professorship in Chemistry

          Gary H. Posner

Willis K. Shepard Professor of History of Science

          Robert Kargon

Thomas P. Stran Professor of Political Science

          J. Woodford Howard

William L. Straus Jr. Chair of Anthropology

          Sidney W. Mintz

Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Professorship in History

          Franklin W. Knight

J. J. Sylvester Chair in Mathematics

          Victor Kolyvagin

John Martin Vincent Chair in History

          John Higham

Unoccupied Chairs in the School of Arts and Sciences

     Alumni Centennial Professor

     The Harry C. Black Chair in History

     Alsoph H. Corwin Chair in Chemistry 

     Mary Elizabeth Garrett Chair in Arts and Sciences 

     G. Stanley Hall Professor of Psychology 

     Vernon K. Krieble Chair in Chemistry

     W. W. Spence Chair in Semitic Languages

     Charles S. Singleton Chair in Italian Studies 

     Second Decade Society (SDS) Faculty Development Chair

     Ira Remsen Chair in Chemistry 

     E. Emmet Reid Chair in Chemistry 

     Francis White Chair in Greek

     Henry Walters Professor of Biology

     W. H. Collins Vickers Chair in Archaeology 

     Dick & Lydia Todd Faculty Development Chair in 

          Cognitive Science


     Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering

          William N. Sharpe Jr.

     B. Howell Griswold Jr. Professor of Geography and 

     International Affairs

          M. Gordon Wolman

     Jacob Suter Jammer Professor of Electrical Engineering

          Richard I. Joseph

     William B. Kouwenhoven Professor of Electrical Engineering

          Charles R. Westgate

     Charles A. Miller Jr. Distinguished Professor in Mechanical 


          Andrea Prosperetti

     Edward J. Schaefer Professor of Engineering

          S. Rao Kosaraju

     Edward J. Schaefer Professor of Electrical Engineering

          Wilson J. Rugh

     Theophilus Halley Smoot Professor of Engineering

          Robert E. Green Jr.

Unoccupied Chairs in the School of Engineering

     Abel Wolman Professorship in Environmental Engineering 

     The Willard and Lillian Hackerman Chair in Civil Engineering 


     Alumni Centennial Professor

          Allyn W. Kimball Jr.

          George W. Comstock

     Anna M. Baetjer Professor in Environmental Medicine

          John D. Groopman

     Edgar Berman Professorship in International Health

          Robert E. Black

     Elmer V. McCollum Chair in Biochemistry

          Roger L. McMacken

     Philip Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics

          Ruth R. Faden

     University Distinguished Service Professor

          Lawrence Grossman

          Donald A. Henderson

          Barbara Starfield

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