Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 18, 1996

For the Record:

Three from School of Medicine Promoted to Rank of Professor

     The board of trustees has promoted three faculty members

from the School of Medicine to the rank of professor.

     The board, at its February meeting, approved promotions

effective Jan. 1, 1996, for Paul W. Ladenson and Donald W.

MacGlashan of the Department of Medicine, and Keith D. Lillemoe

of the Department of Surgery.

     Ladenson, a member of the Johns Hopkins faculty since 1983,

is widely known as a clinical investigator in thyroidology,

particularly in the cardiac effects of the thyroid hormone. 

     He has been director of the Division of Endocrinology and

Metabolism since 1989 and was principally responsible for

development of the Johns Hopkins Thyroid Tumor Center.

     MacGlashan, a faculty member since 1983, has earned his

reputation for field-leading work in the biochemistry and cell

biology of mast cells and basophils. His research has helped lay

the basis for one of the newest approaches to asthma therapy.

     Lillemoe, who joined the faculty in 1985, investigates the

pathogenesis of gallstone production and is known as an

outstanding laboratory and clinical investigator. He is the only

surgery faculty member to have won twice the annual teaching

award from the department's house staff. He is secretary of the

Society of University Surgeons.

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