Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 10, 1997

Hopkins Online:
Special Presidential
Installation Edition

The installation of William R. Brody as the university's 13th president will be a bona fide Internet event, featuring what is probably the first-ever live webcast of a university president's inaugural address.

Already a special Web page, accessible at, has been created with background information and announcements leading up to the Feb. 23 event.

The installation is actually a series of events including divisional celebrations, a presidential convocation exhibit, an inaugural symposium and the ceremonies of the convocation itself, which will take place Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. in Shriver Hall on the Homewood campus. Currently, the Web site has information about all these activities, as well as historical and biographical information about Brody and those who preceded him as president.

On the weekend of the installation, special Web sites will be activated to transmit live sound and video images of selected parts of the proceedings. In order to receive the transmission, computer users will need to install CU-SeeMe software on their machines. A version of the program, and directions on how to install it, will be made available through the Web site in the near future.

It is unlikely that machines connected to the Internet via a modem will be able to receive data quickly enough to play the video portion of the broadcast. Computers with direct Internet access will be able to play the proceedings in a one-quarter screen format, probably in black and white.

After the event, a taped version will be edited and digitized and posted on the site in video format. Visitors will be able to download highlights of the ceremonies and store and play them at their convenience.

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