Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 18, 1997

For The Record
Retirements and


20 years of service
Lawrence, Gloria, Plant Operations

15 years of service
Cullison, Brenda K., Administrative Computing
Gladden, Samuel L., Plant Operations
Krupsaw, Janet Ann, Physics and Astronomy
Martin, Stephen R., Development Fund
Privette, Troy C., Plant Operations
Roberts, Patricia Egan, Office of the V.P., Development and Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Davis, William F., Plant Operations
Geckle, Paul Thomas, Counseling and Student Development Center
Martin, Joseph C., Facilities Management
Smith, Kenneth W., Plant Operations
Sullivan, Michael L., Office of Business Mgmt.
Williams, Robert B., Office of the Treasurer

5 years of service
Brainerd, Alice Ruth, Audits and Management
Garalde, Ofelia Celespara, Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute
Goldgeier, Eileen Sue, Office of the V.P. and General Counsel
Massey-Burzio, Virginia, MSE Library
Wilcox, William D., Security Services


Brown, Gloria J., 33 years, Biochemistry
Elder, Elizabeth R., 20 years, Epidemiology
Harrop, Ilse M., 22 years, Environmental Health Sciences (retired December 1996)

30 years of service
Bremer, Peggylee, International Health

20 years of service
Lei, Helen Y., Biochemistry

10 years of service
Croll, Jann´┐Ż Marie, International Health
Doles, James M., Custodial Services
Harris, Janis D., Custodial Services
Stambolis, Veronica A., Epidemiology
Thornton, Gertrude, Custodial Services
Thumar, Bhagvanji, International Health
Whitney, Edson E., Population Communication

5 years of service
Boyd, Patricia, International Health
Callison, Teresa M., International Health
Flynn, Colin, Epidemiology
Frazier, Deborah, Custodial Services
Grissinger, John M., Epidemiology
McFadden, Charleen, Health Policy and Mgmt.
Rudacille, Deborah J., Environmental Health Services
Theis, Tiffany R., Institute for Int'l Programs
Wilcox, Cathryn Sue, Population Communication


Tinker, Carmen A., Art as Applied to Medicine (retired December 1996)

30 years of service
Conaway, Stanley E., Welch Medical Library
Kareem, Zuhair A., Pathology

25 years of service
Freeman, Elaine K., Public Affairs
Siekierski, Edward, Clinical Immunology
Wadsworth, Stanley B., Safety and Radiation Control

20 years of service
Brodowski, Sharon M., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Simancek, Pamela, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Williams, Susan Mary, Medical Practice Plan

15 years of service
Cain, Dennis Robert, Ophthalmology
Calini, Mary J., Medicine
Chisolm, Peggy, Medicine
Dashiell, Donna, Oncology
Kalinowski, Joseph P., Maintenance
Koehler, Barbara M., Welch Medical Library
Raeke, Jennifer L., Johns Hopkins HealthCare
Randall, Alonza, Purchasing

10 years of service
Cusic, Ann Christine, Infectious Diseases
Heath, Dennis L., Welch Medical Library
Heffler, Michele Ann, Pathology
Huerta, Susan E., Student/House Staff Services
Johnston, John A., Genome DataBase
Jones, Priscilla E., Ophthalmology
Margolet, Louise, Medicine
Means, Tammy M., Oncology
Pawloski, Barbara, Medicine
Rogers, Ophelia C., Pediatrics
Thomas, Linda J., Pediatrics

5 years of service
Allen, Bernice, Ophthalmology
Anderson, Alfreda O., Infectious Diseases
Carruth, William, Medicine
Cavallio, Susan M., Radiology
Connelly, Sheila, Psychiatry
Di Marino, Michael, Psychiatry
Edmond, Mary Carolyn, Medicine
Fishpaw, Laura E., Medicine
Forney, Darrell, Medicine
Fullenkamp, Elisa C., Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Hill, Carolyn D., Pathology
Karpovich, Theo M., Cell Biology and Anatomy
Kusinitz, Marc, Public Affairs
Lavrisha, Martina, Psychiatry
Miller-Finn, Louise A., Basic Science Institute
Satterfield, Robert L., Maintenance
Sherman, Scott, Office of the Dean
Staton, Janice C., Genetics
Turnquist, Brian P., Neurosurgery
Vogelhut, Judith W., General Pediatrics
Warner, Peggy L., Pediatrics
Williams, Patricia D., Medicine
Woodburn, Patricia G., Medicine


10 years of service
Tsai, Caleb, Piano Maintenance


25 years of service
Simmons, Barbara Jean, Library Services

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