Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 24, 1997

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Last week's inaugural symposium "Rethinking Institutions in the Information Age," organized by the faculty in honor of the installation of William R. Brody as the university's 13th president, has generated a Web page of its own at:

The site is also accessible through the JHUniverse homepage.

Most who participated in the symposium have their own homepages, and the symposium Web site is a valuable reference chock full of some of the latest information and ideas about the use of new technologies in teaching. The Whiting School of Engineering's electronic poster session, held concurrently with the symposium, can be revisited at:


Keynote speaker Mario Morino's Morino Institute,, contains several thoughtful articles about the ways in which new technologies can be used to increase economic, civic, health and educational opportunity for all citizens. A good starting point to understand how the communications revolution is likely to affect society is the paper "The Promise and Challenge of a New Communications Age" available at this site.

Bernard Gifford,, and Toni Carbo,, both symposium speakers, have full Web sites with many interesting links having to do with government and university interaction with the new technologies.

Speaker Douglas Becker, president of Sylvan Learning Systems Inc.,, is involved in a pioneering effort to blend for-profit business with educational goals to achieve a new organization of the information age.

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