Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 13, 1997 Form

What To Know
When You See Snow!

In snowy or icy weather, you can find out instantly whether Hopkins is open or closed by calling the university's weather emergency telephone line: (410)516-7781, or, from areas where Baltimore is a long-distance call, 1(800)548-9004. APL has a separate phone line, at (410)792-6101.

The phone line offers several advantages over radio and TV reports.

As soon as the university decides what to do during a snowstorm, the weather emergency line message is recorded. That usually occurs by 6 a.m. after an overnight storm. Decisions on part-time evening classes are usually made by 1 p.m. During major storms, the line is updated frequently with new information on library hours, shuttle service, etc.

You won't have to wait for radio announcers to get through a long list of other institutions, and you will receive the most complete and accurate information available.

The information on the phone line is also available in cyberspace, on JHUniverse at: info/jhuinfo/emergency.html

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