Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 21, 1997 Form

Hopkins To Offer

Among the first in nation,
capitation program
will serve as prototype

Marc Kusinitz
JHMI Office of Communications
and Public Affairs

The Johns Hopkins AIDS Service is confidently putting the expertise of its health care providers to a major test by establishing the region's first AIDS care capitation program for patients covered by Medicaid.

One of the first such programs in the nation, it will use Hopkins specialists and its network of sub-specialists to provide all health care to subscribers of Priority First--Hopkins' Medicaid Managed Care Organization--and Chesapeake Family First.

The program, called Moore Options, continues the service's 14-year-old pioneering tradition in AIDS treatment by offering a prototype for HIV care that could be adopted nationally in the next few years, according to John G. Bartlett, director of the Division of Infectious Diseases.

Under capitation, Hopkins will receive a preset fee per month from its managed care partners to cover all medical care for patients in the program. Hopkins will assume the financial risk for care that exceeds the amount per person paid by the state Medicaid program.

"Moore Options represents a logical evolution for the Johns Hopkins AIDS Care Program, which was established in 1983," Bartlett said. "Unlike other capitation programs, we use AIDS specialists as primary care providers and coordinators for all sub-specialty care required by the patients."

This program is especially important for AIDS patients because such patients usually have complex problems that are most effectively managed by experienced physician specialists, Bartlett added.

Planning for the program began in 1987, Bartlett said.

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