Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 21, 1997 Form

For The Record:

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during December 1996 are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.


Ehrlich, Carol P., 14 years, JHU Press
Leopold, Helen C., 20 years, Student Loans
Logan, Barbara G., 29 years, JHPIEGO

30 years of service
Booker, Ann C., Center for Training and Education
Sunderland, Joyce E., Administrative Computing

20 years of service
Sampson, Yoko, MSE Library

15 years of service
Collignon, Margaret, Anthropology
Gillispie, James E., MSE Library

10 years of service
Foertschbeck, Carla L., Office of the Vice
President and Secretary
Goldman, Elaine, Student Financial Services

5 years of service
Allen, Marsha, Physics and Astronomy
Brawner, Christina Jo, Office of the Registrar
Hinnenkamp, Stephen L., Research Administration
Jones, Alice F., JHU Press
Kaneda, Ben Keith, Homewood Academic Computing
Leonard, Eleanor D., MSE Library
Melanson, Lauren A., Johns Hopkins Club
Nealley, Amanda, CTY
Stern, Marion J., Center for Technology and Education
Sudbrink, Kristin Anne, University Collections
Zheng, Wei, Physics and Astronomy


20 years of service
Principe, Marilyn L., Office of Associate Dean for Research

15 years of service
Hobbs, Cherita L., Human Resources

10 years of service
Gerczak, Charlotte F., Epidemiology

5 years of service
Davis, Ellen A., International Health
Owens, Rosetta, Epidemiology
Stewart, Krista Jane, Institute for International Programs
Susser, Harry G., Population Information
Wauneka, Gregory, International Health
Wolfe, Kathleen A., Population Dynamics


25 years of service
Pasterfield, Emily F., Medicine
Sanders, Paulette, Pediatrics

20 years of service
Cox, Donna S., Oncology Center
Hodous, John J., Biophysics
Young, Joann L., Medicine

15 years of service
Chechik, Titiana, Neurology

10 years of service
Alsup, Stephanie, Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
Baker, Daisy, Physicians Billing
Gala, Nalini H., Pathology
Geppi, Cindy R., Psychiatry
Leatherman, Kellie L., Radiology
Sanders, Pamela T., Neurology
Schroeder, Gloria G., Radiology
Turner, Linda J., Physicians Billing
Waters, Koren, Medicine

5 years of service
Barletta, Janet M., Medicine
Bell, Marie L., Neuroscience
Brown, Dale Ralston, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Harris, Sandra B., Medicine
Jackson, Sandra D., Neurology
McCumber, Karen M., Biomedical Engineering
McMillan, Michele D., Physicians Billing
Myers, Patsy A., Oncology
Shirk, Karen Sue, Physicians Billing
Wright, Margaret M., Ophthalmology


5 years of service
Ortiz, Jose Morales, Business Office

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