Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 17, 1997

For The Record:
Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during February are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410) 516-6060.

Academic Centers and Support Services

10 years of service
Altschuler, David, Institute for Policy Studies
Craig, Alfred J., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Thomas, Brian, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
Frazier, Richard H., Security Services
Moreland, Lynn, Institute for Academic Advancement of Youth

Arts and Sciences

5 years of service
Gross, Elizabeth, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Continuing Studies

10 years of service
Haskins, Kelly Ann, Downtown Center


25 years of service
Richardson, Joyce, Part-time Programs in Engineering

5 years of service
Manley, Deborah Delores, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

Homewood Student Affairs

25 years of service
Davis, Florence O., Office of the Registrar

20 years of service
Spink, William E. Jr., Housing Office

10 years of service
Decker, Antoinette P., Auxiliary Enterprises
Mason, Patrice, Office of the Dean of Students
Watkins, Lee Jr., Homewood Academic Computing

Hygiene and Public Health

25 years of service
Muller, Anne Berch, Human Resources

20 years of service
Taylor, Victor, Custodial Services Office

15 years of service
Gottlieb, Merridy R., Population Information Office
Martin, Patricia L., Academic Data Center

10 years of service
Bradshaw, Patricia F., Human Resources
Brogden, Alice B., Mental Hygiene
Carter, Wanda Lee, Human Resources
Christman, Carol B., Epidemiology
Coram, Judith, Environmental Health Sciences

5 years of service
Gorlin, Dina, Maternal and Child Health
James, Tara R., Maternal and Child Health
Kutchins, Kimberly M., Health Policy and Management
Sewell, Mary H., Health Policy and Management
Wilkes, Barbara S., International Health

Johns Hopkins Press

20 years of service
Smith, Patricia Slater, Journals

5 years of service
Peroutka, Paul J., Shipping and Receiving


25 years of service
Dietz, Nancy Marie, Clinical Immunology
Holifield, Deborah, Psychiatry
Lea, Frank R., Purchasing Office

20 years of service
Hull, James Alexander, Clinical Immunology
Wollett, Rosalie, Oncology Administration

15 years of service
Pass, Michele S., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Snead, Angela R., Dermatology

10 years of service
Ford, Anthony L., Physicians Billing Service
Gill, Lloyd, Welch Medical Library
Graul, Susan B., Ophthalmology
Green, Veronica, Student Services
Larocca, Ann Marie, Oncology
Marks, Cheryl Goode, Neurology
Matanoski, Dennis Francis, Oncology
Seal, Stella M., Welch Medical Library
Tumminia, Natalie A., Biological Chemistry

5 years of service
Alston, L. Stephen, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Bundy, Karen D., Industrial Research Liaison Office
Clanton, Izetta, Infectious Diseases
Dotter, Dianne R., Clinical Immunology
Espinas, Joseph B., Physicians Billing
Greenbaum, Milton D., Ophthalmology
Martin, Gregory V., Cell Biology and Anatomy
Strzegowski, Tracey L., Neurosurgery
Wegner, Lynn R., Surgery
Williams, James Tony, Custodial Services


10 years of service
Miles-Carroll, Olivia L., Registrar/Financial Aid


5 years of service
Ghiacc, Marina, The Bologna Center
Johnson, Gina A., Strategic Studies

University Administration

Bredbenner, Lee P., 11 years, Facilities Management (December 1996)
Livingston, Robert Gerald, 13 years, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (December 1996)
Sapp, Ronald, 29 years, Development Fund (January 1997)

15 years of service
Pliska, Cecilia Anne, Budget Office

10 years of service
Chamblee, Sabrina D., Accounts Payable
Hansen, Susan P., Benefits Administration

5 years of service
Mitchell, Clifton L., Central Purchasing

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