The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 2, 1998

Feb. 2-9

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

A Flea Market/Antiques Sale is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 14, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood campus.

Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Campus Democrats and the Citywide Coalition, the event features new and quality used clothing, jewelry, records, tapes and CDs, sports equipment, books, appliances, electronic equipment and more, all at bargain prices.

There will also be food from the Golden Temple, Ms. Desserts, Joan and Gary's Original Bagel Company, Fresh Fields and coffee from the Coffee Mill. In addition, the Citywide Coalition will have information available about its projects. Admission to the sale is 50 cents.

The Office of Community Relations and Volunteer Services is offering the Hopkins community a chance to volunteer in making Valentine's Day cards for elderly patients in a neighboring community nursing home. These elderly people are medically impaired and have no family in their lives. A card will mean a great deal to them.

Cards may be done by students, student groups, tutors, adults, children, families or church groups. All are encouraged to participate. Cards may be made from construction paper, paper doilies or xeroxed drawings and decorated with ribbons, glitter, crayons, markers or pictures from magazines.

Cards may be signed or anonymous. A small note may be enclosed. You may also purchase cards and donate them; all donations are welcome. All cards must be in an envelope (which may also be hand-made). There is no limit on the number of Valentine's Day cards sent.

In order for the cards to be delivered to the nursing home several days before Valentine's Day, they must be in the Office of Community Relations and Volunteer Services, second floor of Levering Hall, Homewood campus, on or before Tuesday, Feb. 10. This will also be an opportunity to visit the office, look over the volunteer opportunities board and get a brief tour.

The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing is soliciting proposals for the 1998-99 grant period. The proposed research should provide fundamental knowledge needed to develop replacement alternative tests for safety and/or hazard evaluation, risk assessment and efficacy of commercial products.

Investigation is encouraged in in vitro approaches to evaluating cellular and target organ toxicity such as developing new cell culture systems, applying current testing methodology to human cells or cell lines and designing new mechanistic state-of-the-art methods that may utilize cultured cells, computer technology or any other system applicable to toxicity/efficacy evaluation. At the present time, CAAT does not fund projects relating to carcinogenicity or mutagenicity, or those not focused on developing testing strategies. The maximum grant award for this period will be $20,000.

Applications must be placed on a CAAT Preproposal Abstract Form (98-99). The forms are available from Gloria Mahlstedt at CAAT, 111 Market Place, Suite 840, Baltimore, Md. 21202-6709; by phone, 410-223-1693; by fax, 410-223-1603; or by e-mail at

The Howard Hughes Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship awards a stipend of $3,000 to 25 undergraduates from either the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering. Students who qualify will conduct laboratory research with a faculty sponsor. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, Feb. 27.

Areas of research opportunity include biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, and biomedical and other areas of engineering.

Each student should submit a completed application, letter of support from a lab sponsor, letter of recommendation from a faculty member, college transcript and a three-page proposal outlining the research project the student will be working on during the summer.

The application is available on the Web at To receive application materials, contact Gary K. Ostrander, associate dean for research, or Jenny Elliott, administrative assistant, at 224 Mergenthaler on the Homewood campus, at 410-516-8215 or by e-mail,