The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 9, 1998

Feb. 9, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 21

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Sheridans honored for commitment to library
   In the university board room, in Garland Hall, in the corridors of the Eisenhower Library, his name not only identifies him but also reflects how others regard him.
   For more than a decade, R. Champlin Sheridan--a 1952 Hopkins grad who left his father's Baltimore-based printing business 30 years ago to strike out on his own in the small Pennsylvania town of Hanover--has given his time, his expertise and his money to support Johns Hopkins, particularly the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. In 1991, Sheridan and his wife, Debbie, endowed the library director's position and, in 1994, made a $20 million commitment to nearly double the library's endowment and support its planned renovations.
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A million galaxies to be tracked
Scientists are completing work this month on the final pieces of an advanced telescope that will give astronomers their first clear view of the large-scale structure of the universe.
   One of its chief goals will be to probe the overall framework of the cosmos, a curious pattern in which galaxies seem to be arranged only on the outskirts of huge "bubbles" that contain vast voids of empty space.
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Love is in the air
Valentine's Day is around the corner and the nation will once again spend a day focusing on matters of the heart. But for one group of Hopkins students, spending a single day on the subject of love is simply not enough. They want to talk about it all semester.
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