The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 17, 1998

Feb. 17, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 22

Questioning modern philosophy
Tuitions announced for 1998-99
Kelly Ripken gift funds program to educate those with thyroid disorders
Initiative campaign reaches 95 percent of goal
In Brief
For the Record: Cheers
For the Record: Milestones
Classified Ads
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Honor role
Don't look for Robert Mittendorff II lolling in the sunshine on some sandy beach.
   The Hopkins senior, who was named last week to USA Today's 1998 All-USA College Academic First Team, is knee-deep in a highly demanding schedule of academic studies and campus leadership posts.
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JHUniverse redesign up on Web
Visitors to JHUniverse on Feb. 9 found a homepage transformed from what it had been only the day before. New graphics, new organization, new links-- had a whole new look and structure. It was literally an overnight change, but a change that had required two years of effort. "Overnight" can be a long time.
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