The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 23, 1998

Feb. 23, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 23

Fish, Fried among speakers scheduled for colloquium on criticism and theory
Looking at AIDS face to face
Obituary: John Chandler Hume, dies at 86
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Counting down to face-off
Making the pilgrimage to Homewood Field for men's lacrosse games isn't as much fun in February and March as it is in May, when the weather is usually glorious and the national championship is so often within reach. But this year, those early games in chilly conditions before bundled-up crowds promise to be critical to the Blue Jays' chances down the stretch.
   Fans can once again count on Hopkins to be in the hunt for the national title come the NCAA championships in May. One preseason poll ranks the team as the fourth-best in the country. But if the Blue Jays are to bag their first title in 11 years, it will be because the team survived--and perhaps learned how to thrive--in a tough stretch of cold-weather games early in the season.
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Headaches making you miserable?
Every day millions of Americans dutifully slog off to their jobs and park themselves at their desks even though they know they're not able to work with all four cylinders firing. They suffer from tension headaches.
   Researchers at the Hopkins School of Public Health now know something more about them: Specifically, women get more tension headaches than men, and people with advanced degrees suffer from them more frequently than the less educated.
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