The Johns Hopkins Gazette: Jan. 12, 1998

Jan. 12-19

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition


Monday, Jan. 12

East Baltimore

Noon. Gay and Lesbian Support Network, discussion and social hour for East Baltimore staff. For information and location, call Randy at 410-955-3080.

12:30 to 2:30 p.m. "The Health Care Industry's Impact on the Environment: Strategies for Global Change," a Center for a Livable Future live teleconference from the University of Vermont; G007 Ross. For details, call 410-223-1608 or 410-614-4590.

3 p.m. Otolaryngology Grand Rounds, with rotating speakers; 6150 Outpatient Center.

4 p.m. "The Regulation of Nuclear Transport in Xenopus," a Biochemistry seminar with Mary Dasso, NICHD-NIH; 2030 SHPH.


Noon. "Genetic Screens for Transcriptional Regulators in Drosophila," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with David Wassarman, NICHHD-NIH; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy.

Tuesday, Jan. 13

East Baltimore

4:15 p.m. "Differentiation, Regulation and Death of T-Helper Cell Subsets during Infection with Leishmania major," an Immunology Council seminar with Phillip Scott, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; 2030 SHPH.

7 p.m. Christian Fellowship Meeting, musical worship and Bible study; Reed Hall Library. All are welcome.


7:30 p.m. Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Discussion and Social Group; 217 Ames. For information, call Bob at 410-889-7081.

Wednesday, Jan. 14

East Baltimore

4 p.m. "NK1+ Natural T Cells: Ontogeny and Specificity," a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences seminar with Sebastian Joyce, Pennsylvania State College of Medicine; 303 WBSB.

4 p.m. "Coagulation Disease," with various speakers; 1024 Blalock.


5 p.m. "The Molecular Basis of Resistance to HIV-1 Protease Inhibition," a Biology colloquium with Ernesto Freire; Mudd Hall Auditorium.

Thursday, Jan. 15

East Baltimore

Noon. "Genetic Approaches to Nutrient Transport in Mycobacteria," an Infectious Diseases and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology seminar with Nancy Connell, New Jersey Medical School National Tuberculosis Center; 2030 SHPH.

1 p.m. "Asymmetric Divisions and Fate Determination in the Developing Mammalian Brain," a Neuroscience research seminar with Susan McConnell, Stanford University; 811 WBSB.

2 p.m. "Capaciative Calcium Signaling in Yeast," a Cell Biology and Anatomy seminar with Kyle Cunningham; 110 WBSB.

Off campus

12:30 p.m. "Producing an Interactive Videodisc Program on HIV/AIDS Prevention for the U.S. Military," a Center for Communication Programs seminar with Wendy McGrane and Garrett Strang, Image Studios; Suite 310, 111 Market Place.


7:30 p.m. The April Witch, a Peabody Opera performance of a one-act fantasy opera by David Shapiro and Roger Brunyate, based on a Ray Bradbury story; Friedberg Concert Hall.

Friday, Jan. 16


2 p.m. "Global Warming," a colloquium with Jerry Taylor, Cato Institute; Parsons Auditorium. The program will be simulcast to 218 Maryland Hall on the Homewood campus.


1 p.m. "Update on Ocular Allergy Tx," a Clinical Immunology weekly clinical conference with Leonard Bielory, University Hospital, Newark, N.J.; Norman Library, 5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle.

East Baltimore

Noon. Vector Biology Forum with Nirbhay Kumar; E-5130 SHPH.


7:30 p.m. Agape Campus Ministry, weekly meeting; 100 Shaffer.

7:30 p.m. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, weekly group meeting; Garrett Room, MSE Library.

8:30 p.m. Astronomy Open House, public viewing; Bloomberg Center Observatory. For information, call 410-516-6525.

Music for piano!
Piano music by Peabody Conservatory composition faculty Robert Sirota, [right] Chen Yi, [left] and Morris Moshe Cotel will be performed on Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m., in the Miriam Friedberg Concert Hall. The compositions will be performed by Amy Yeh, Morris Cotel, Shruti Kumar, Heidi Williams, Kevin Winkler, Matthew William Bengston and Michael Andrew Hammer. The concert will mark the world premiere of Piece for Piano, Four Paws, "composed" by Morris Cotel's cat, Ketzel, and transcribed by Cotel.

Monday, Jan. 19

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.

University offices closed.


Noon. "Kinetoplast DNA, the Amazing Mitochondrial DNA in Trypanosomes," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with Paul Englund; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy.