The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 20, 1998

Jan. 20, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 18


For The Record

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Honors, awards
and appointments

Academic Cultural Centers

Vernon B. Mountcastle, professor emeritus at the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, has been awarded a $15,000 prize in neuroscience by the National Academy of Sciences. Mountcastle was honored for his research on the structure of mammalian cerebral cortexes and on the function of single cells in higher cortical areas. The award is presented every three years.

Applied Physics Lab
Three staff members were presented with Surface Missile System awards from the U.S. Navy's Theater Air Defense for significant contributions to the Talos, Terrier and Tartar missile systems.

Alexander Hughes was recognized for his key systems engineering work contributing to the success of fleet AAW. Donald C. Mitchell was recognized for 28 years of professional experience dedicated to the development of guided missile weapon systems for the U.S. Navy. And Sidney Taylor was honored as an early developer of technology for Navy shipboard radars.

Philip A. Beachy, associate professor, won a $20,000 annual prize for molecular biology discoveries by young scientists, awarded by the National Academy of Sciences. The award honored his research on a biological compound that interacts with cholesterol.

Public Health
Margaret O'Brien Caughy, assistant scientist, and Patricia O'Campo, associate professor, both in the Department of Maternal and Child Health, have been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences as young or mid-career scholars whose research on children, youth and families warrants the attention of national decision makers. As awardees of the Frontiers of Research on Children, Youth and Families initiative, they will present their research at a May 7 symposium.

Changing places,
new faces

Beth Dochinger has been appointed senior associate director of development for the School of Medicine at the Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Joyce Ritchie has been appointed associate director of development at the Peabody Institute. She is a former director of development for the Kennedy Krieger Family Center.

Pam King Sams has been appointed director of development for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.