The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 26, 1998

Jan. 26, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 19

Galaxy may steal clusters of stars
Researcher "chips" away at olestra controversy
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Roots and Race
One of the more underdiscussed topics in the dialogue on race issues, says Hopkins senior Kasandrah Baynes, is the experience of black immigrants in America.
   Baynes, chairwoman of the Hopkins Black Student Union's Black History Month, wants to change that. "Bound by Our Roots: African Diaspora in America," the program she has devised for February's monthlong celebration on the Homewood campus, is a series of talks, discussions, films and events that address the universal black experience, not just that of black Americans.
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Hopkins, Singapore ink joint venture
Officials of Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Singapore government have signed a historic preliminary agreement that, when finalized, would result in Hopkins-led collaborative research, medical education and clinical trials in Southeast Asia. The enterprise, to be known as Johns Hopkins Singapore, would allow Hopkins a presence in Asia and enable Singapore to grow its biomedical industry and reputation as an education and healthcare hub.
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Physicists attack the ultimate puzzle
A worldwide scientific effort is under way to build a powerful machine aimed at answering a fundamental question: Why does matter have substance?
   In essence, current theories simply cannot explain why things in the material world exist. But a series of recent triumphs in the field of high-energy particle physics have brought science closer to understanding the forces and composition of the universe.
   One possible solution to the puzzle may be the presence of Higgs bosons, hypothetical subatomic particles unlike any others found so far.
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