The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 2, 1998

Mar. 2, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 24

Lady Jays set for run on 1998 championship
Women's History Month: Talks, films, workshops
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Pipe dreams
On a rainy afternoon, Michael Shofar sits at the keyboard of the newly installed Holtkamp organ in the Peabody Institute's North Hall and plays a little Bach with his left hand. His fingers caress the wooden keys--rich plumwood for the equivalent of the white keys on a piano; darker palisander, a hard rosewood, for the black.
   This is no concert. A small toolbox rests on the bench next to him, and a miniature anvil is clamped to the left of the three keyboards. Sixteen hours a day, for nearly a month, Shofar has been teaching the complex technology of the organ to sing.
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Milky Way is not alone: A galaxy has invaded
The Milky Way is being invaded by another galaxy.
   But don't panic; we've got the size advantage.
   Astronomers have known since 1994 that a small galaxy orbiting the Milky Way has actually entered Earth's home galaxy. Now new findings may shed light on the nature of "dark matter" inside the invading galaxy.
   A team of scientists made the 1994 discovery unexpectedly while analyzing stars in the concentrated, elliptical bulge at the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.
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