The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 23, 1998
Mar. 23 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 27


Noted gay activists to headline DSAGA events

Greg Blontz
The Gazette
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Ellen might be "out" in prime-time, and Hollywood creations like In and Out might have profited from an accepting public, but prejudice issues for the gay community won't just go away.

To that end, Hopkins' Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance will be sponsoring "Pride and Prejudice," three weeks of events that will attempt to dispel some of the myths and encourage dialogue about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Candace Gingrich, gay activist and sister of House Speaker Newt; painter Patrick Webb; and Daniel Renzi, better known as just Dan, from MTV's Real World in Miami, are among those who will visit the Homewood campus from March 24 to April 14 to explore issues and events shaping the gay community.

"Pride and Prejudice" is the fifth annual diversity series, which began humbly in 1993 with just two movie nights and solely focused on gay and lesbian issues.

"Awareness days have matured into inclusive, vital programs exploring queer issues on every level, from the social to the scientific," said senior Karen Henein, spokeswoman for DSAGA.

Renzi, set to speak April 7, said in a recent interview that he knows all too well that prejudice toward the gay community still exists. And so do viewers who watched Ren-zi living the Real World, the MTV production chronicling the lives of cohabiting 18- to 22-year-olds. Several episodes dealt with his strained relationship with a closeted boyfriend, as well as his coming out to his parents.

Renzi, 23, is currently the administrative director of the Gay and Lesbian Services Network of Kansas City, an HIV outreach program and gay support services group. For the past year, he has been on the university lecture circuit sharing his varied experiences with young people.

"We have such a long road to go.," Renzi said about ending gay prejudice. "No way we're going to see it in our lifetime."

Whereas Renzi uses spoken words to convey his message, Patrick Webb uses paint and canvas. Webb, one of the nation's most accomplished figurative painters, on March 31 will host a lecture and slide show titled "Activism in the Art World."

"Few painters deal with gay issues in their work as Webb does," said Craig Han-kin, director of Homewood Art Workshops, co-sponsor of the event. "His work is not overtly political; the issues are more 'read between the lines.' "

Other guests in the series will be Simon LeVay, a pioneer in the biological study of homosexuality, and comedian Kate Clinton.

Pride and Prejudice
A Celebration of Sexual Diversity

All events are on the Homewood campus and are free (unless otherwise noted) and open to the public. For more information, contact coordinators Gloria Guzman or Karen Henein at 410-516-4088 or

Tuesday, March 24
8 p.m. Glass Pavilion, Levering Hall
Candace Gingrich: The Accidental Activist

Candace Gingrich decided to become involved in the movement for equal rights when her brother Newt was elected Speaker of the House, taking the opportunity to help educate Congress and the public about the problem of discrimination and the lack of equal rights for lesbian and gay Americans.Catered reception to follow.

Wednesday, March 25
8 p.m. 111 Mergenthaler
Movie night: All Over Me.

Claude and Ellen are best friends living in Hell's Kitchen in New York City. Claude is a young lesbian who first becomes aware of her erotic feelings when they become directed toward her best friend; the gay-bashing of her new neighbor brings the girls' divisions into sharper focus.

Thursday, March 26
7 p.m. Sherwood Room, Levering Hall
Panel discussion: Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships

Staff from the House of Ruth discuss domestic violence within the GLBT community. The House of Ruth is dedicated to the protection of women who have been physically, psychologically and emotionally abused by their partners.

Tuesday, March 31
7 p.m. Arellano Theater, Levering Hall
Lecture/slide show: Patrick Webb on Activism in the Art World

One of the country's most accomplished figurative painters, Patrick Webb combines classic painterly traditions with urgent, contemporary subject matter. Catered reception to follow.

Wednesday, April 1
8 p.m. Mudd Auditorium
Movie night: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Three drag queens contract to perform at a resort in the remote Australian desert.

Thursday, April 2
8 p.m. Location TBA
Play: Roommates, performed by the Catalyst Theater Company

Three women deal with questions of peer pressure, concern about "image" on campus and coming out in a gay-hostile environment.

Saturday, April 4
8 p.m. E-Level/Great Hall, Levering Hall
Drag party and dance

Techno and NRG music spun by DJ Trash. Co-sponsored by Organizacion Latina Estudiantil and the Black Student Union. $2 cover.

Tuesday, April 7
7 p.m. Glass Pavilion, Levering Hall
Dan Renzi

A featured cast member of The Real World in Miami, Dan Renzi will share his experiences about coming out to and his loving acceptance by his rural Kansas family.

Wednesday, April 8
8 p.m. Mudd Auditorium
Movie night: When Night is Falling

Camille and Martin are teachers at a Christian college who seem to be in love; Petra, a circus performer, appears in Camille's life, and Camille is confused about the passionate lesbian relationship that could change her life forever.

Thursday, April 9
9 p.m. Garrett Room, MSE Library
Discussion: Straight Allies in the GLBT Movement

The role of heterosexuals in the fight for GLBT equality. Hosted by the Student Council Diversity Committee.

Friday, April 10
8 p.m. Shriver Auditorium
Comedy: Michael Rasky and Kate Clinton

Michael Rasky reaches out to gay, straight and in-between audiences with openly gay comedy. Kate Clinton, a self-described "fumorist" (feminist and humorist), takes on modern family relationships and life as a gay American. Tickets available before the show and at the door. $4 with student ID; $15 for everyone else. For more info, 410-516-4088 or

Monday, April 13
8 p.m. 3 Shaffer
Movie night: Love! Valour! Compassion!

Gregory invites seven friends to spend the summer at his secluded 19th-century home. Among them are a blind man, two yuppies, one man in the advanced stages of AIDS and another dealing with his own HIV-positive status.

Tuesday, April 14
7 p.m. Glass Pavilion, Levering Hall
Simon LeVay

In 1991, Simon LeVay published a groundbreaking study showing structural differences between the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men. He is author of three books on homosexuality. Catered reception to follow.