Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 10, 1995

WJHU-Radio Program Notes

    This week on The Marc Steiner Show:

*    Monday, July 10:  A discussion of editorial cartoonists--
What role do they play as journalists?

*    Tuesday, July 11: A talk with urologist Patrick Walsh and
science writer Janet Farrar Worthington, co-authors of "The
Prostate: A Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them."

*    Wednesday, July 12:  A discussion dealing with the issues of
public safety and crime. How should elected officials address law
enforcement issues?

*    Thursday, July 13:  A conversation with Baltimore City
Council president and mayoral candidate Mary Pat Clarke.

*    Monday, July 17:  Talks with chef Kevin Graham, author of
"Grains, Rice and Beans," and Nancy Folbre, author of "The New
Field Guide to the U.S. Economy."

*    Tuesday, July 18:   To be announced.

*    Wednesday, July 19:  A conversation with Sen. Barbara
Mikulski (D-Md.).

*    Thursday, July 20: A discussion about how our elected
officials should address problems in education.

     The Marc Steiner Show is a public affairs call-in program
broadcast Monday through Thursday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on WJHU,
88.1 FM. Topics and guests are subject to change.

     For more information, call 516-WJHU.

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