Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 24, 1995

Three Promoted From Engineering, Arts and Sciences, And Medicine

     The board of trustees has voted to promote three faculty
members each from Engineering and Medicine and one from Arts and
Sciences to the rank of professor.

     The board's executive committee promoted Maria T. Zuber of
the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Annalingam
Anandarajah and Nicholas Jones of the Department of Civil
Engineering, and Baruch Awerbuch of the Department of Computer
Science. All four promotions took effect July 1.

     In Medicine, the trustees promoted Adrian Barbul of the
Department of Surgery, Jason Brandt of the Department of
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and S. Diane Hayward of the
Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences. Their new
appointments are retroactive to June 1.

     Zuber, who joined the Hopkins faculty as the first Second
Decade Society Associate Professor in 1993, studies the structure
of Mars and Venus and has led highly publicized research that has
reshaped human knowledge of the structure and history of the
moon. In her two years on the faculty, she has won awards for
undergraduate teaching and contributions to undergraduate

     Anandarajah, at Hopkins since 1984, works in diverse areas
of geomechanics and geo-environmental engineering and is a leader
particularly in the area of soil mechanics. He planned and
developed a geotechnical research lab for undergraduates.

     Jones, a faculty member since 1986, studies the performance
of buildings during earthquakes and the relationship between
damage to structures and human injuries in quakes. He also
studies the effects of wind on long-span bridges. His work at
Hopkins has been recognized with an NSF presidential young
investigator award, undergraduate teaching prizes and, in 1988,
the Maryland Young Engineer of the Year Award.

     Awerbuch, at Hopkins since 1994, is known for his creative
work in distributed computing and the theory of communications
networks. He has consulted for IBM, SRI International and DEC
SRC, among others. 

     Barbul, assistant surgeon-in-chief at Sinai Hospital and a
member of the Medicine faculty since 1982, is considered one of
the nation's most productive community hospital-based academic
surgeons. He specializes in alimentary track surgery, with a
specific interest in surgical nutrition and metabolism in the
care of problem wounds.

     Brandt has been at Hopkins since 1981, first at Homewood,
and, since 1985, at the School of Medicine, where he is director
of the Division of Medical Psychology and has rejuvenated the
Cortical Function Laboratory. His research focuses on the
differences in memory loss that distinguish diseases such as
Alzheimer's and Huntington's.

     Hayward, at Hopkins since 1976 and a member of the faculty
since 1989, has studied DNA replication in the Epstein-Barr
virus. She is now at the center of a large group investigating
the virology of the herpes and related viruses and their
relationship to clinical medicine, and particularly to cancer.

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